15th Century Music

Agricola’s Songs without Words, by Warwick Edwards

Edwards, W. (2006) Agricola’s songs without words: the sources and the performing traditions. Alexander Agricola: Musik zwischen Vokalität und Instrumentalismus, ed. Nicole Schwindt, Trossinger Jahrbuch für Renaissancemusik 6:pp. 83-121. This […]

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Gaffurius Codices

Gaffurius codices online is a website dedicated to the four manuscripts of polyphonic music prepared by Franchinus Gaffurius for the Duomo of Milan in the decades around 1500. Gaffurius (1451–1522), […]

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Riccardiana I and the Loire Valley Chansonniers, by Peter Woetmann Christoffersen

The French musical manuscript in Florence, Biblioteca Riccardiana, Ms. 2794, and the ‘Loire Valley’ chansonniers http://chansonniers.pwch.dk/NOTES/Flo2794art.html

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Transformational Practices in Fifteenth-Century German Music”, PhD Thesis by Marc Lewon

In  this  thesis  I  investigate  transformational  practices  in  the  secular  music  of  mid-fifteenth-century  German  sources.  At  the  heart  of  the  research  are  case  studies  of  the  Lochamer  Liederbuch  with  its  […]

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