15th Century Music

Agricola’s Songs without Words, by Warwick Edwards

Edwards, W. (2006) Agricola’s songs without words: the sources and the performing traditions. Alexander Agricola: Musik zwischen Vokalität und Instrumentalismus, ed. Nicole Schwindt, Trossinger Jahrbuch für Renaissancemusik 6:pp. 83-121. This […]


Gaffurius Codices

Gaffurius codices online is a website dedicated to the four manuscripts of polyphonic music prepared by Franchinus Gaffurius for the Duomo of Milan in the decades around 1500. Gaffurius (1451–1522), […]


On Chansons notated in Fa-clefs, by Peter Woetmann Christoffersen

The aim of this text is to investigate the traditions of alternative notations, which form the background for Ockeghem’s famous canon “Prenez sur moy”, the final song of the Copenhagen […]


Riccardiana I and the Loire Valley Chansonniers, by Peter Woetmann Christoffersen

The French musical manuscript in Florence, Biblioteca Riccardiana, Ms. 2794, and the ‘Loire Valley’ chansonniers http://chansonniers.pwch.dk/NOTES/Flo2794art.html


Transformational Practices in Fifteenth-Century German Music”, PhD Thesis by Marc Lewon

In  this  thesis  I  investigate  transformational  practices  in  the  secular  music  of  mid-fifteenth-century  German  sources.  At  the  heart  of  the  research  are  case  studies  of  the  Lochamer  Liederbuch  with  its  […]


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