Jay pris amours

We do not know the composer of one of the most famous chansons of the 15th century, “Jay pris amours a ma devise”. It is stylistically close to the Binchois-Ockeghem […]

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Le Serviteur

Guillaume Dufay’s chanson “Le serviteur hault guerdonne” enjoyed an immense popularity. There are many fantasies, contrafacta and even three masses bassed on one ore several voices of this chanson. This […]

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Ockeghem Missa Mi Mi

This is the third mass of the complete editions of the Masses by Johannes Ockeghem. The source is Chigi Codes f. 3v-18r. Edition modern keys: My My modern keys Edition […]

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Porto 714

Oporto Biblioteca Pública Municipale Ms. 714 This source is actually a theoretical treatise derived from Ugolino da Orvieto, which was copied in Ferrara around 1460. In all probability, the source […]

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St. Gallen Liederbuch des Aegidius Tschudi

St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek Codex 463. View Facsimile

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