Consort of Viols by Richard Earle

The foundation has ordered a set of viols in the style of the second half of the 15th century with the viol maker Richard Earle (Basel). The set is available now!

Diskant: c-f-b-d’-g’-c”
Tenor: G-c-f-a-d’-g’
Bass: D-G-c-e-a-d’

The instruments may be borrowed.


The tenor viol is finished!
The bass viol is finished!

After quite a torturous process of building our bass viol is finally finished! The last instrument to complete our consort will now be the tenor viol.

The treble viol is finished!

In all its beauty!

First steps for the treble viol

The work for our treble viol has started, the wood is cut and awaits the next steps! We will document these steps as well.

The treble viol will be finished soon!

Work has started on the bass viol

The back will be constructed from a single piece of wood.

Bass viol top and neck

Work is progressing fine!