Renaissance Music

Tesori musicali Toscani

Facsimiles of Tuscan music online Oktober 2007

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Trent Codices

The so called Trent Codices are the biggest source of sacred music of the 15th century. They are available online and downloadable, some pages are linked to performances! Januar 2009 […]

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Vatican Library, Capella Sistina Manuscripts

The Vatican Library is starting a big digitalization project. This is the link to the currently available choirbooks of Capella Sistina Oktober 2015

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Vatican, Codex Urb. Lat. 1411

Rome, Vatican City, Biblioteca apostolica vaticana, Archivio della Cappella Giulia, Cod. Urb. Lat. 1411. Collected in Italy, a major source for Binchois and Dufay. View Facsimile

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Wolfenbüttel Digitale Bibliothek

A great number of Renaissance sources can be found digitalized and online at this site. Januar 2007

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Wolkenstein Songs

Songs by Oswald von Wolkenstein, collected from 1432-38 Mai 2017

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