Tesori musicali Toscani

Tesori Musical Toscani is a project launched in 2000 by the ensemble AuserMusici in collaboration with Teatro Verdi in Pisa. Its aim is to study, diffuse and increase the appreciation of the musical heritage of Tuscany from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, with particular attention to the unpublished repertory, both instrumental and vocal. Tesori Musicali Toscani has developed a digital musical archive, with the aim of contributing to the increase in appreciation and diffusion of the music by the composers included in the project. The archive, regularly up-dated, is structured according to the needs of differentiated users. It collects tools and information useful both to the specialized scholar and to the musician: life sketches of the composers, updated bibliography, discography and, obviously, a vast catalogue of musical editions.
Oktober 2007