Brumel Mass discovered, Missa Sex vocum

In the municipal archive in Brno (Ms 15/4) a sensational find of a mass collection has brought to light a new masse by Brumel, “A Sex Vocum”, of highest quality. The edition is now complete. To see the texts please use the buttons on top of the player!

Missa Sex Vocum:

Online Player:

Brumel 6 vocum

Brumel 6 Kyrie
Brumel 6 Gloria
Brumel 6 Credo
Brumel 6 Sanctus
Brumel 6 Pleni-Benedictus
Brumel 6 Agnus


Brumel Martiribus

1 Kyrie
2 Gloria
3 Credo
4 Sanctus
5 Agnus



Original Clefs (PDF)
Modern Clefs (PDF)


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