Kapstadt Ms Grey

Capetown, The South African Library, Ms Grey 3.b.12

In addition to predominantly French and even more Burgundian chansons in the second part of the source, it offers a good insight into the improvisational realisation (‘Super librum cantare’) of sacred works based on Gregorian models. Some of these are artistically very unconventional, but for this very reason they are revealing. There are also numerous sacred laudae.

The error rate is extraordinarily high; I have refrained from labelling the mostly rhythmically necessary adjustments. Initially, the edition contains complete realisations of almost identical strophic transpositions, but later I have often dispensed with them.

The secular works are all contrafaced with sacred texts and are also unique in this form!

All of the composers’ names come from parallel sources.

The secular works are much less flawed and are evidently based on reliable sources. The source from northern Italy offers a good insight into secular and sacred musical practice and repertoire around the year 1500.

modern keys

original keys