Alexander Agricola, Instrumental fantasias

The codices Basevi and Casanatense and the prints in Canti C and Odhecaton provide outstanding examples of purely instrumental fantasias in a quite modern style. I think it very likely that these pieces were played by a consort of early viols.

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Amours amours
Caecus non iudicat
Comme femme I
Comme femme II
Comme femme III
De tous biens plaine I
De tous biens plaine II
De tous biens plaine III
De tous biens plaine IV
De tous biens plaine V
Dung aultre amer I
Dung aultre amer II
Dung aultre amer III
Dung aultre amer IV
Lomme banni
O Venus bant I
O venus bant II
Pater meus agricola est
Tout a par moy I
Tout a par moy II
Velupern laet ons



Original Clefs (PDF)
Modern Clefs (PDF)