Renaissance Music

It is a key objective of the Goldberg Foundation to support any existing and new ensembles contributing to the performance of 15th century music.
The 15th century saw a revolutionary change in the experience of seeing and listening through new ways of spatial representation in painting and in composition, respectively. Composers such as Dufay, Ockeghem and Busnois created a music in which the relationship between concordant sound and absolute freedom of the singular voice was developed to an extreme, creating an entirely new way of experiencing time and space.
With support from the Goldberg Foundation existing and new Ensembles will work from original-score single voice editions in place of modern scores, delivering vibrant new concert experiences from poetic texts, single voices which then are combined gradually and repetition of piece, within the context of guidance as to different ways of listening. It is a fundamental aim of these concerts to communicate the intellectual and cultural dimensions of this music.
The first projects have been realized by ensembles such as Ensemble Amarcord. After these beginnings a pool of singers has been formed under the name Musica Universalis, founded at the initiative of our foundation. 2020, L’ultima parola, a quartet of singers has been founded and won the prestigious Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik. 
In our section Renaissance Music you will find announcements of news and events in the field of Renaissance Music, and Rezensionen of new Cds.