Musica Universalis

The singers of this newly founded ensemble come from leading ensembles in the field of Renaissance Music: Huelgas, Douce Memoire, Penalosa… The ensemble was founded as an initiative of the Goldberg Stiftung thus reaching one more of its aims: instigating the foundation of Slow Listening ensembles.

The first concert of this ensemble was a big success in January 2010 in Tours with Et Ecce Terrae Motus, the most recent project of the foundation. It will be given in its final form during MaerzMusik in Berlin.


Highly provocative and controversial interpretations, certainly not boring!


Ensemble La Morra

La Morra specializes in late medieval and early Renaissance music. Their fine recordings are based on important sources of the period such as the text collection Jardin de Plaisance and the early Basel music print of Bonifacius Amerbach.

Homepage mit Klangbeispielen und Konzertterminen

Huelgas Ensemble

One of the most renowned ensembles of medieval and Renaissance music. The ensemble continually surprises with its original programming and discoveries of new repertoire.


The Dufay Collective

Founded in 1987 the Dufay Collective specializes in the music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Programmes and Cds may be consulted below: Homepage

Ensemble Weser-Renaissance Bremen

Specializing in the music of the 16th and 17th century. Weser Renaissance is regularily invited at the most important Early Music festivals.



Fretwork is probably the most homogenous and excellent viol ensemble. Apart from Consort Music and Renaissance works they are also performing contemporary music.


Ensemble Leones

This ensemble specializes in unknown repertoire of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. It is conducted by our board member Marc Leones.


Le miroir de musique

This ensemble led by the professor for stringed instruments of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, Baptiste Romain, specializes in 14th and 15th century music such as Landini, Tinctoris and Martini. 



Directed by the singer Sabine Lutzenberger this ensemble specializes in music from the Middle Ages to the 16th century. Recently published: Cds for the Maximilian and Luther jubilees. 


Cappella Pratensis

One of the leading ensembles for the interpretation of 15th century music. They sing mostly “from the book” – and you can hear it!


Cut Circle

Directed by the musicologist Jesse Rodin, Cut Circle is specializing in 15th century music and its approach to text rendering is quite unique.