Image: Visitation, Rogier van Weyden
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Leuven Chansonnier available in the first edition of our foundation

The recently discovered chansonnier of 15th century chansons (Leuven Chansonnier) is now available in its first edition:


Most recent editions of our Internet Academy:

Ockeghem, Missa Prolationum

This mass is based entirely on canons and will be the basis of our next big concert project.


New Links added

Digitalized choir books from the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek

New Cds

Regularily you may find new Cds in our Renaissance Music Forum. This month:

Ockeghem, Missae L'homme armé und Quinti toni

Essays in the Internet Academy

Latest addition:

Clemens Goldberg:

Symphonie als Theater

Mozarts Symphony KV 524 "Linzer"


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