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Pixérécourt Chansonnier, Original and modern clefs

The chansonnier Pixérécourt (Paris Bibliothèque Nationale fr. 15123) is one of the largest collections of French and Italien chansons collected around 1485. The edition is now complete! Copyright remains with […]

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Sevilla Chansonnier , Modern and original clefs

The French chansonnier Sevilla, Biblioteca Columbina 5-I-43 was torn apart at the end of the 19th century. Parts of this theft have reappeared in Paris, BN, nouvelles acquisitions fr. 4379. […]

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Telemann Trios a, g and c minor, for Traverso, Viol und Continuo

The combination of Flauto traverso, Gamba and  b. c. is used by Telemann in 5 Trio Sonatas. We publish here three of them from  the Landesbibliothek Darmstadt. The editions contain […]

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Telemann, Essercicii Musici, Trios G-dur und h-moll, Cellostimme

Telemanns Essercicii Music enthalten herrliche Musik. Viele Duos und Trios sind für Gambe geschrieben, lassen sich aber auch sehr gut auf dem Cello spielen. Das Trio Nr. 2 G-dur f. […]

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Trent Codices 89 and 91, Mitchell Trent, ed.

It is a very useful albeit old fashioned edition…. https://www.diamm.ac.uk/resources/music-editions/trent-codices/

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Wolfenbüttel Chansonnier, Original and modern Clefs

With the Chansonnier Wolfenbüttel, Herzog August Bibliothek, Codex Guelf. 287 Extrav. all so called “Loire Chansonniers” are now available online. Thus all the important variants can be compared. All rights […]

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